Digital Christmas Ideas 2020

There’s a good chance that at least some of the country will be in a lockdown over the Christmas period, and even if travel restrictions are lifted there will still be people shielding and self-isolating. Of course nothing will replace the hug of a loved one but using tech and savvy we can still find ways for you to connect this Christmas.


Top 10 Christmas 2020 ideas

Zoom In on Christmas Day

It’s not just for meetings and school reunions – you can set up a Zoom call now for Christmas Day, and still have time to teach Granny how to use it! If you have a free accont yor calls will be limited to 40-minute sessions, but you can always set up multiple calls or use that as an excuse to curtail your uncles awful jokes. Make sure you set up several sessions for all the different social groups you want to hook up with – family, friends, old schoolfriends, work colleagues… Follow these instructions to set up Zoom for Christmas Day.

Make the Most of your Postie

With free delivery or low cost shipping you can stay safe and warm at home, instead of traipsing round the shops in the rain and the crowds trying to find all those perfect gifts. I mean, have you even tried elbowing someone out of the way while maintaining the 2m rule? Stay at home and use the one click, multi ship option here.

Make it a Girls Thang

Send the boys to the shed while you and the girls get together for a bit of a pamper session. Share your tips and techniques over a glass of bubbly and some chocolates, then get the boys back in and wow them with the results!

Have a cookie bake-along!

Nowadays you can take the party anywhere, so grab the tablet or prop the phone up in the fruit bowl and dial your friends and family and get baking! You can even buy a baking kit and have it sent to each of their addresses. Make it a kids treat by sending the kits round the classroom then dialling up their buddies on Christmas day, or swao the pie charts for a baking tray for a really unique secret santa with your work colleagues!

Christmas Evening Cocktails

The pubs are all closed anyway and you’ve probaby already had a cointreau or two, but a scheduled cocktail session is a great way to set the festivities off with a bang! Send out a shopping list beforehand or buy one of the cocktail kits, just make sure everyone has the same and Tom Cruise it together all night long!

Set up a multi-house disco, or rock out with some live music

Start a group session on Spotify then send the code to all your friends. You can even get them each a disco bulb and host a Zoomed Up Dance Off, or go one step further, grab some instruments and have a Zoom Jam

Have a fashion show

We all get new things at Christmas so see who has the best Christmas jumper, and who can really strut their stuff in front of the camera. Just make sure you get them more than socks and undies!

Don't get board!

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a board game, and there are plenty you can play over a video connection. Dig out the Scattergories, get your Rotten Apples app up or try the latest Lockdown Lunacy game

Swap the hugs for hygge

Borrow an idea from our Icelandic friends and give the gift of a book on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day light the candles, break out the cusions and the hot chocolate, dial into a group call and read each other your favourite chapter.

Netflix and chill

Pick a film, set a time, grab your favourite nibbles and fire up netflix together, with everyone pressing play together you can ooh, and ahhh together, and mute the person who’s trying to spoil the plot for the rest of you

More Christmas 2020 Ideas

Comment below to let everyone know your best Christmas 2020 ideas!

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